HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC AC Adapter

For HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC AC Adapter

For HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC AC Adapter

For HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC AC Adapter-This is a brand new HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC AC Adapter with power cord.For HP ENVY 17-j100 laptop AC adapter, excellent quality and cheap price with the best service. All laptop ac power adapters are tested for 100% quality control assurance.Carry an extra charger with you and never run out of power with this AC Adapter for For HP ENVY 17-j100.Buy High quality For HP ENVY 17-j100 Charger/Power Supply with 1-Year Warranty and 60-Day Money Back.


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Brand New AC Adapter Charger Power Supply 65W For HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC Series

Products Feature:

AC input voltage : 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60 Hz

DC output : 19.5V ~ 3.33A

Power: 65W

Connecter size: 4.5X3.0MM

Package Included :
1 X Brand New AC Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (US/ UK/ EU/ AU)

Fits for laptop computer model:

HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC series

HP ENVY 17-J115CL Notebook PC F9M19UA F9M19UAR
HP ENVY 17-J120US Notebook PC E8A03UA E8A03UAR
HP ENVY 17-J150CA Notebook PC E8A19UA E8A19UAR
HP ENVY 17-J150NR Notebook PC E8A05UA E8A05UAR
HP ENVY 17-J180CA Notebook PC F9M18UA F9M18UAR
HP ENVY 17-J181NR Notebook PC E8A07UA E8A07UAR
HP ENVY 17-J183NR Notebook PC F9M07UA F9M07UAR
HP ENVY 17-J184NR Notebook PC E8A23UA E8A23UAR
HP ENVY 17-j100no Notebook PC K3F80EA
HP ENVY 17-j102np Notebook PC J1X98EA
HP ENVY 17-j103TX Notebook PC F2D13PA
HP ENVY 17-j105eg Notebook PC G3L12EA
HP ENVY 17-j106sf Notebook PC F8S63EA F8S63EAR
HP ENVY 17-j108TX Notebook PC F7P58PA
HP ENVY 17-j111TX Notebook PC F7P64PA
HP ENVY 17-j116TX Notebook PC G2G19PA
HP ENVY 17-j117TX Notebook PC J8C10PA
HP ENVY 17-j140na Notebook PC J0C15EA J0C15EAR
HP ENVY 17-j162no Notebook PC J1Y81EA J1Y81EAR
HP ENVY 17-j167ez Notebook PC G1Z85EA G1Z85EAR
HP ENVY 17-j170ez Notebook PC F8S04EA F8S04EAR
HP ENVY 17-j176ez Notebook PC G1Z89EA G1Z89EAR
HP ENVY 17-j177ez Notebook PC F9U73EA F9U73EAR
HP ENVY 17-j184na Notebook PC J2U19EA J2U19EAR
HP ENVY 17-j185ez Notebook PC G1Z88EA G1Z88EAR
HP ENVY 17-j188ez Notebook PC F8S05EA F8S05EAR
HP ENVY 17-j190nb Notebook PC J3S54EA J3S54EAR
HP Envy 17-j100eb Notebook PC F9F56EA F9F56EAR
HP Envy 17-j100ed Notebook PC F5C32EA F5C32EAR
HP Envy 17-j100ee Notebook PC G3M02EA G3M02EAR
HP Envy 17-j100en Notebook PC G9Y01EA G9Y01EAR
HP Envy 17-j100ex Notebook PC G1Z81EA
HP Envy 17-j100ni Notebook PC K4F30EA
HP Envy 17-j100ns Notebook PC J6Z57EA J6Z57EAR
HP Envy 17-j100nx Notebook PC J3R56EA
HP Envy 17-j100sb Notebook PC F9V14EA F9V14EAR
HP Envy 17-j100se Notebook PC G2B72EA G2B72EAR
HP Envy 17-j100sx Notebook PC F8T52EA
HP Envy 17-j101ea Notebook PC F9V37EA F9V37EAR
HP Envy 17-j101no Notebook PC K7R47EA
HP Envy 17-j101np Notebook PC J1X97EA
HP Envy 17-j101sa Notebook PC F5C76EA F5C76EAR
HP Envy 17-j101sf Notebook PC F7T08EA F7T08EAR
HP Envy 17-j102ea Notebook PC F5D54EA F5D54EAR
HP Envy 17-j103sp Notebook PC F8R90EA F8R90EAR
HP Envy 17-j105nf Notebook PC G7F55EA G7F55EAR
HP Envy 17-j105sg Notebook PC F8Q85EA F8Q85EAR
HP Envy 17-j106ef Notebook PC G1M34EA
HP Envy 17-j106sg Notebook PC F8Q86EA F8Q86EAR
HP Envy 17-j107nf Notebook PC K1K02EA K1K02EAR
HP Envy 17-j107sf Notebook PC F9S90EA F9S90EAR
HP Envy 17-j109nf Notebook PC K2V69EA K2V69EAR
HP Envy 17-j110el Notebook PC F9E82EA F9E82EAR
HP Envy 17-j110er Notebook PC G9X39EA
HP Envy 17-j110ew Notebook PC G7E65EA
HP Envy 17-j110np Notebook PC K1W14EA
HP Envy 17-j110ns Notebook PC K5D95EA K5D95EAR
HP Envy 17-j110sl Notebook PC F9E83EA F9E83EAR
HP Envy 17-j110sr Notebook PC F5B79EA F5B79EAR
HP Envy 17-j111el Notebook PC F9E84EA F9E84EAR
HP Envy 17-j111sl Notebook PC F9E85EA F9E85EAR
HP Envy 17-j112er Notebook PC J2E62EA
HP Envy 17-j112nf Notebook PC K4C58EA K4C58EAR
HP Envy 17-j112nl Notebook PC K6Y39EA K6Y39EAR
HP Envy 17-j112sr Notebook PC F7T11EA F7T11EAR
HP Envy 17-j113el Notebook PC G6Q32EA G6Q32EAR
HP Envy 17-j115nf Notebook PC J5B90EA J5B90EAR
HP Envy 17-j115sr Notebook PC F7T14EA F7T14EAR
HP Envy 17-j116er Notebook PC G9Y43EA
HP Envy 17-j116sr Notebook PC F7T15EA F7T15EAR
HP Envy 17-j120e Notebook PC J1Y72EA
HP Envy 17-j120na Notebook PC K1X61EA K1X61EAR
HP Envy 17-j120sr Notebook PC J1Y73EA
HP Envy 17-j121en Notebook PC K0R94EA K0R94EAR
HP Envy 17-j121er Notebook PC J1Y74EA
HP Envy 17-j121sr Notebook PC J1Y75EA
HP Envy 17-j125er Notebook PC G2A28EA G2A28EAR
HP Envy 17-j125sr Notebook PC G2A29EA G2A29EAR
HP Envy 17-j126nf Notebook PC J8E17EA J8E17EAR
HP Envy 17-j126sr Notebook PC G3M71EA
HP Envy 17-j130ea Notebook PC F7T68EA F7T68EAR
HP Envy 17-j130eb Notebook PC F9F57EA F9F57EAR
HP Envy 17-j130sa Notebook PC F5D34EA
HP Envy 17-j130sb Notebook PC F9V15EA F9V15EAR
HP Envy 17-j133eg Notebook PC G3K87EA G3K87EAR
HP Envy 17-j140nf Notebook PC F8R65EA F8R65EAR
HP Envy 17-j141na Notebook PC J0C16EA J0C16EAR
HP Envy 17-j145ng Notebook PC J2U62EA J2U62EAR
HP Envy 17-j150eo Notebook PC F8T54EA F8T54EAR
HP Envy 17-j150nr Notebook PC K1X79EA
HP Envy 17-j150st Notebook PC F8S65EA F8S65EAR
HP Envy 17-j151ei Notebook PC F7R64EA
HP Envy 17-j151nr Notebook PC K6X99EA
HP Envy 17-j153eo Notebook PC G2B59EA G2B59EAR
HP Envy 17-j153nf Notebook PC M0C14EA
HP Envy 17-j153so Notebook PC G2C52EA G2C52EAR
HP Envy 17-j154nf Notebook PC M1K54EA
HP Envy 17-j156nz Notebook PC L9N93EA
HP Envy 17-j157nz Notebook PC M1K55EA
HP Envy 17-j161es Notebook PC G5E02EA
HP Envy 17-j162ss Notebook PC G6Q15EA G6Q15EAR
HP Envy 17-j164eo Notebook PC G2B60EA G2B60EAR
HP Envy 17-j164no Notebook PC J1Y82EA J1Y82EAR
HP Envy 17-j164so Notebook PC G2C53EA G2C53EAR
HP Envy 17-j165eo Notebook PC F8T58EA F8T58EAR
HP Envy 17-j166no Notebook PC J5C04EA J5C04EAR
HP Envy 17-j166nz Notebook PC J7U03EA J7U03EAR
HP Envy 17-j170eo Notebook PC F9D93EA F9D93EAR
HP Envy 17-j170nz Notebook PC K4D34EA K4D34EAR
HP Envy 17-j176nz Notebook PC K4D35EA K4D35EAR
HP Envy 17-j180nz Notebook PC L5Y55EA
HP Envy 17-j181er Notebook PC K0R83EA
HP Envy 17-j184sg Notebook PC G1Z91EA G1Z91EAR
HP Envy 17-j186nz Notebook PC L5D92EA
HP Envy 17-j187nz Notebook PC J3R86EA J3R86EAR
HP Envy 17-j191nb Notebook PC K1S10EA K1S10EAR
HP Envy 17-j193nb Notebook PC K1S11EA K1S11EAR
HP Envy 17-j197nz Notebook PC L5D93EA
HP Envy 17-j198nz Notebook PC K3C37EA
HP Envy 17-j199ez Notebook PC G6Q47EA G6Q47EAR
HP Envy 17-j199nb Notebook PC J3S56EA J3S56EAR
HP Envy 17-j199nz Notebook PC J8E34EA
HP Envy17-j152nr Notebook PC K6Y00EA
HP PAVILION 17-J166NR Notebook PC F9M20UA F9M20UAR

A second For HP ENVY 17-j100 AC adapter at home or at work makes power access convenient and tailored to your needs. Also keep one in your carrying case at all times and never be without an AC adapter when you travel. It enables you to keep your battery fully charged when you really need it most on the road.

This HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC AC Adapter is in excellent working and physical condition. We ship it with the required power cord, so that it's ready to use right out of the box. It plugs into any standard electrical power outlet and enables you to charge your laptop battery while using the computer, or you can use your laptop without the battery being installed.

  • Brand New 3rd Party Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!
  • Safe Standard: UL, CE, RoSH
  • Industry Quality : Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat Protection
  • For HP ENVY 17-j100 Charger Come with Power cord, Free!!
  • High performance, lightweight replacement for your HP ENVY 17-j100 Notebook PC AC Adapter.
  • New brand, High quality,1 year warranty, 60 days money back!

How to Select

  • Voltage: The Voltage must be within 10% of your original AC Adapter Voltage.
    i.e. 19.5V or 18.5V is ok for your original 19V AC Adapter
  • Amps: The Amps may be higher but they cannot be lower. If the replacement Amps is higher, your laptop or tablet will only take the amount of power it requires and it will not damage your device.
    i.e. 3.65A is ok for your original 3.15A AC Adapter
  • Wattage: The Wattage also may be higher but they cannot be lower. If the replacement Wattage is higher, your laptop or tablet will only take the amount of power it requires and it will not damage your device.
    i.e. 90W replacement is ok for your original 65W AC Adapter