HP 450 AC Adapter

For HP 450 AC Adapter

For HP 450 AC Adapter

For HP 450 AC Adapter-This is a brand new HP 450 AC Adapter with power cord.For HP 450 laptop AC adapter, excellent quality and cheap price with the best service. All laptop ac power adapters are tested for 100% quality control assurance.Carry an extra charger with you and never run out of power with this AC Adapter for For HP 450.Buy High quality For HP 450 Charger/Power Supply with 1-Year Warranty and 60-Day Money Back.


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Brand New AC Adapter Charger Power Supply 65W for HP 450 Notebook PC Series

Products Feature:

AC input voltage : 100 ~ 240V 50 ~ 60 Hz

DC output : 19V ~ 4.74A

Power: 90W

Connecter size: 7.4MM X 5.0MM

Package Included :
1 X Brand New AC Adapter
1 X Power Cord Cable (US/ UK/ EU/ AU)

Fits for laptop computer model:

HP 450 Notebook series series

D3U34AA, D5J06PA, E1Q13PA, E1Q14PA, E1Q18PA, E1Q19PA, E1Q23PA, E1Q27PA, E1Q38PA, E1Q39PA, E1Q67PA, E1Q75PA, E1Y71LT, E1Y77LT, E1Z01LT, E8D83PA, E8D84PA, E8D91PA, E8D94PA, E9L71PP, F6Q29PA, F6B18PA, B8U37LA, B8U37LT, C1D92LA, B8U35LA, B8U36LA, B8V11LA, B8Z17PA, B8Z76PA, C0S52PA, B8Z71PA, D0N50PA, C7B02LA, C8H87PA, C8J70PA, C9H48LT, C9K31LA, D5J42PA, E1Q05PA, C7A21LA, C9H10LA, C0S50PA, C8K19PA, C9K39LA, E1Y48LT, C7A66LA, C9H09LA, C9H09LT, C9K40LA, D7Y12PA, B8Z77PA, C0S45PA, F0W33PA, B8U40LT, B8U41LT, B8Z20PA, B8Z78PA, C0S00PA, C0S53PA, C8H93PA, C8J29PA, D0N81PA, C9H52LT, C9K32LT, C0S51PA, C7A19LT, C9H08LT, D5J89PA, D5J91PA, D5J83PA, F0W20PA, F2R19LA, F2R19LT, F2R85LA, F2R85LT, B5Q15LT, B5Q16LT, B5Q26LT, B8U14LA, B8U15LT, B8U16LT, B8U17LT, B8U18LT, B8U19LT, B8U20LT, B8U48LT, B8Z13PA, D5J90PA, D5J92PA, D7Z04PA, E5G83PA, F0W58PA, C5P30PA, C8J30PA, C8J71PA, D5J43PA, C0S46PA, C0S47PA, C0S48PA, C0S49PA, C1E77LT, C5P49PA, C6Z68LA, C7P31PC, C9H50LA, C9H55LT, C9K33LT, D0N16PA, D0N22PA, D0N29PA, D0N32PA, D0N60PA, D5K00PA, D5J25PA, C8J35PA, C8J36PA, C0S17PA, C6Y79LT, C9K38LT, C9K78LA, C9K78LT, D0N33PA, D0N38PA, D0N43PA, D3J60LA, D3J60LT, D8E51LT, E3U80LT, F2P49LA, F2P49LT, D5K07PA, D5K14PA, D5K08PA, D5K09PA, D5K15PA, D5K16PA, D5J84PA, D5J85PA, E9Y97PC, D5J30PA, D7X30PA, C0S02PA, C0S03PA, B8Z73PA, B8Z74PA, B8Z72PA, C6Z06LA, B8Z75PA, B8T17LA, B8T17LT, B8T18LA, B8T18LT, B8T19LT, B8Z27PA, C0R25PA, C7A61LA, C7A61LT, C0R67PA, C0R79PA, D0N14PA, C0R66PA, C1D04LA, C8K18PA, C9K35LT, E7M14PA, C0R80PA, B8U38LT, B8U39LT, B8Z18PA, C0R68PA, C0R81PA, C5P71PA, C5P78PA, C8J23PA, C8J31PA, C8J53PA, C8J72PA, C9H51LT, C9J84LA, C9J84LT, C9J85LA, C9J85LT, D7Y07PA, D7Y55PA, D7Z08PA, D7Z09PA, E7M13PA, E7M15PA, E8E01PA, E8E02PA, E8E13PA, F0W38PA, F1V54PC, F3G98PC, F7V24LT, G2F52PA, G8Z72PA, D3H39LA, D5K05PA, D5K10PA, D5K12PA, D5K03PA, D7X86PA, D5J86PA, D7Y90PA, D8E52LT, D8E53LT, E1P96PA, D7X68PA, D7Y05PA, C0R70PA, C0R82PA, D3K65LT, D5K06PA, D5K11PA, D5K13PA, B8Z14PA, B8Z80PA, B8Z81PA, C0R40PA, C0R69PA, C0R84PA, C5Q25PA, C8J69PA, C8J73PA, D5K01PA, B8Z24PA, D5K04PA, B8Z15PA, C0R24PA, C0R78PA, C0R83PA, C0S18PA, C5P69PA, C8J32PA, C8K26PA, D0M86PA, D0N18PA, D7X87PA, B8Z19PA, C1E76LA, C1E76LT, C7A67LA, C7A67LT, D0N15PA, D7Y91PA, D8E18LT, E1P86PA, E1P89PA, E1P91PA, E1P88PA, D5J31PA, D5J87PA, D7X31PA, E1P92PA, F0W39PA, G1F48PA, E1P87PA, E5G45PA, E5G61PA, E5G62PA, E5G68PA, F2M22PC, B6F79AV, B2Y25AV, B6F78AV, A8P64AV,

A second For HP 450 AC adapter at home or at work makes power access convenient and tailored to your needs. Also keep one in your carrying case at all times and never be without an AC adapter when you travel. It enables you to keep your battery fully charged when you really need it most on the road.

This HP 450 AC Adapter is in excellent working and physical condition. We ship it with the required power cord, so that it's ready to use right out of the box. It plugs into any standard electrical power outlet and enables you to charge your laptop battery while using the computer, or you can use your laptop without the battery being installed.

  • Brand New 3rd Party Product, works as genuine parts, 100% OEM Compatible!!
  • Safe Standard: UL, CE, RoSH
  • Industry Quality : Over Voltage Protection, Over Heat Protection
  • For HP 450 Charger Come with Power cord, Free!!
  • High performance, lightweight replacement for your HP 450 AC Adapter.
  • New brand, High quality,1 year warranty, 60 days money back!

How to Select

  • Voltage: The Voltage must be within 10% of your original AC Adapter Voltage.
    i.e. 19.5V or 18.5V is ok for your original 19V AC Adapter
  • Amps: The Amps may be higher but they cannot be lower. If the replacement Amps is higher, your laptop or tablet will only take the amount of power it requires and it will not damage your device.
    i.e. 3.65A is ok for your original 3.15A AC Adapter
  • Wattage: The Wattage also may be higher but they cannot be lower. If the replacement Wattage is higher, your laptop or tablet will only take the amount of power it requires and it will not damage your device.
    i.e. 90W replacement is ok for your original 65W AC Adapter