Asus F552C

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Replacement For Asus F552C Laptop Battery

Replacement Asus F552C Battery for your notebook you can get long hours of battery life without having to frequently plug-in to recharge. Long enough battery life is essential to optimizing your productivity while in meetings or traveling.The brand new replacement laptop batteries are especially designed to the original specifications. One year warranty, 60 days money back! Don't lose the good chance to order Asus F552C battery replacement with less money.


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Products Feature:

Type: Li-ion
Color: Black
Capacity: 44Wh
Volt: 14.4V

Compatible with part number :
Asus 0B110-00230000, Asus 0B110-00230200, Asus 0B110-00230400, Asus 0B110-00230900, Asus 0B110-00231100, Asus A41-X550, Asus A41-X550A

Fits for laptop computer model:

Asus A450, Asus A450E1007CC-SL, Asus A450E3217CC-SL, Asus A450E323VB-SL, Asus A450E323VC-SL, Asus A450E3337CC-SL, Asus A450E42JF-SL, Asus A450E47JF-SL, Asus A450JN4700, Asus A450LC4200, Asus A450LD4210, Asus A550C, Asus A550C-XX837H, Asus A550CC, Asus A550JK, Asus A550JK4200, Asus A550JK4710, Asus A550JK4710, Asus A550L, Asus A550LA, Asus A550LB, Asus A550LC, Asus A550LC4200, Asus A550V, Asus A550VB, Asus A550VC, Asus A550X1007CC-SL, Asus A550X3217CC-SL, Asus A550X3337CC-SL, Asus A550XI323VB-SL, Asus A550XI323VC-SL, Asus f550ca, Asus f550ca-xo416h, Asus F550CA-XX078D, Asus F550LN, Asus F550LN-CN89H, Asus F550VB, Asus F550VB-XX029H, Asus F552C, Asus F552C, Asus F552CL, Asus F552CL-SX092H, Asus F552E, Asus F552EA, Asus F552EP, Asus F552V, Asus F552VL, Asus FX50J, Asus FX50JK, Asus FX50JK4200, Asus FX50JK4710, Asus FX50JX4200, Asus FX50JX4720, Asus K450C, Asus K450CA, Asus K450CC, Asus K450L, Asus K450LA, Asus K450LB, Asus K450LC, Asus K450V, Asus K450VB, Asus K450VC, Asus K450VE, Asus k550c, Asus K550C, Asus K550CA, Asus K550CC, Asus K550DP5350, Asus K550JK-XO003H, Asus K550JK4200, Asus K550JK4710, Asus K550L, Asus K550LA, Asus K550LB, Asus K550LC, Asus K550LD4200, Asus K550LD4210, Asus K550V, Asus K550V, Asus K550VB, Asus K550VC, Asus K550VX, Asus K550VX6300, Asus K550VX6300-154ASCA2X10, Asus K550X1007CC-SL, Asus K550X4500LN-SL, Asus K550X555DP-SL, Asus K550X575DP-SL, Asus K550XI323VB-SL, Asus K550XI323VC-SL, Asus K550XI3337CC, Asus P450C, Asus P450C, Asus P450CA, Asus P450CC, Asus P450L, Asus P450LA, Asus P450LB, Asus P450LC, Asus P450V, Asus P450VB, Asus P450VC, Asus P550-LAV-X04290, Asus P550C, Asus P550CA, Asus P550CA-XO522G, Asus P550CC, Asus P550CC-XO558G, Asus P550L, Asus P550LA, Asus P550LC, Asus R409C, Asus R409CA, Asus R409CC, Asus R409CCWX298H, Asus R409L, Asus R409LA, Asus R409LB, Asus R409LC, Asus R409V, Asus R409VB, Asus R409VC, Asus R409VE, Asus R510C, Asus R510CA, Asus R510CA-CJ679H, Asus R510CA-CJ862H, Asus R510CC, Asus R510CC, Asus R510CC-XX406H, Asus R510CC-XX439H, Asus R510CC-XX466H, Asus R510CC-XX476H, Asus R510CC-XX483H, Asus R510D, Asus R510DP, Asus R510E, Asus R510EA, Asus R510JK, Asus R510JK-DM070H, Asus R510JK-DM086H, Asus R510L, Asus R510LA, Asus R510LB, Asus R510LC, Asus R510LCXX234, Asus R510V, Asus R510VB, Asus R510VC, Asus x550, Asus X550A, Asus X550C, Asus X550C-CJ441H, Asus X550CA, Asus X550CC, Asus X550CC-X3337U, Asus X550CC-XO072H, Asus X550CC-XO073H, Asus X550CC-XO824H, Asus X550D, Asus X550DP5550-SL, Asus X550EA, Asus X550J, Asus X550JD4200, Asus X550JD4710, Asus X550JK, Asus X550L, Asus X550LA, Asus X550LB, Asus X550LC, Asus X550LD4010, Asus X550LN, Asus X550V, Asus X550VB, Asus X550VB-XX047H, Asus X550VC, Asus X550VX, Asus X550VX-1A, Asus X550VX-1B, Asus X550VX-3H, Asus X550VX-3J, Asus X550VX-DM080T, Asus X550VX-DM097T, Asus X550VX-DM113T, Asus X550VX-XX067D, Asus X550VX-XX147D, Asus X550X1007CC-SL, Asus X550X2117CC-SL, Asus X550X311VC-SL, Asus X550X3217CC-SL, Asus X550X3337CC-SL, Asus X550X401LC-SL, Asus X550X42LC-SL, Asus X550XI323VC-SL, Asus Y481, Asus Y481CC, Asus Y481E3337CC-SL, Asus Y482, Asus Y581, Asus Y581C, Asus Y581CA, Asus Y581CC, Asus Y581L, Asus Y581LA, Asus Y581LB, Asus Y581LC, Asus Y582

  • Product Type : Brand new, Replacement Battery , 100% compatible with the OEM Asus F552C battery.
  • High quality and rechargeable battery for Asus F552C( between 400 to 600 charge-discharge cycle).
  • Certification: ROHS, CE, ISO9001/ISO9002, UL, CUL.
  • We guarantee the laptop battery full one year warranty and 60-day money back!
  • All of our battery made by grade A Cell .
  • High quality, Factory price . Free Shipping!
Battery Maintenance and User Instructions
  1. Full battery discharges (until laptop power shutdown, 0%) should be avoided, because this stresses the Asus F552C battery a lot and can even damage it. It's recommended to perform partial discharges to capacity levels of 20~30% and frequent charges, instead of performing a full discharging followed by a full charging.
  2. - In a normal usage, if the laptop doesn't get too hot (CPU and Hard Disk around 40oC to 50oC) the battery should remain in the laptop socket;
    - In an intensive usage which leads to a large amount of heat produced (i.e. Games, temperatures above 60oC) the battery should be removed from the socket in order to prevent unwanted heating.
    The heat, among the fact that it has 100% of charge, is the great enemy of the lithium battery and not the plug, as many might think so.
  3. If you are mostly using the laptop computer while it is plugged into a wall outlet keep the for Asus F552C battery out of the computer.
    If you do not plan on using your laptop for more than a month the battery for Asus F552C should be removed from the computer, even if it is kept off.
    After putting the battery back in after it has not been used we suggest fully charging it before letting it run off the battery again